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CMHA Rosetown presents at Youth Kindness Conference in Biggar

Carmen Ledding from CMHA Rosetown was a keynote speaker at the Youth Kindness Conference at St. Gabriel’s School in Biggar on April 21st. 

The conference hosted 66 students from Grades 4 to Grade 9 and was organized by Demonda Evanisky of the RAK club in Biggar. 

Carmen Ledding presented to 2 separate groups and divided the content according to age level.  For Gr. 7-9, Ledding did a presentation called “Managing Your Mental Health and Wellness” which touched upon topics like managing stress, anxiety, sleep, and healthy relationships in order to maximize your mental well-being.  For Gr. 4-6, the presentation was “My Mental Health:  Who’s on My Team?”. 

This presentation encouraged students to trust their instincts and know the physical signs of when they might need to talk to someone.  Both groups were given a variety of contacts for help in different situations.  The students were eager to ask questions about how Carmen got into this line of work, and what she enjoys most about it.

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