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Depression Presentation is Welcome Learning Opportunity for Eston Health Foundation

On August 25th, CMHA Rosetown Program Director Carmen Ledding will be presenting an educational session on Depression.  “Many people are overwhelmed with knowing where to go for help, and part of that is dispelling the stigma around mental health.  It is so important for us to know when someone is struggling and that there are helpful counsellors and mental health education resources that are there to help us cope in our day to day.  Working on our mental health is a daily practice and it is so important to know there is help around us in rural Saskatchewan.”

The presentation is hosted at the AGT Arena in Eston upstairs on Thursday, August 25.  Participants are encouraged to pre-register at  Participants are welcome to request additional resources be emailed to them from CMHA Rosetown and H.O.P.E. Learning Centre, the virtual CMHA SK platform that Carmen Ledding regularly contributes to as a facilitator.  Eston Health Foundation hopes to have additional presentations in the future to raise awareness of mental health as a communitiy initiative.

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